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Integrity Policy

Our Approach to Content Integrity

At WhatCrewDo®, we've created an exclusive online community where contributors are all professional crew members. Users also include non crew members, who can read and benefit from the insightful Travel and Activity recommendations, gaining insights into the latest, greatest and most fun things to do around the world, as endorsed by globe-trotting crew members.

The integrity of our concept is based on the authenticity of the recommendations and the fact that they all come from bona fide, professional airline and cruise ship crew members.

Once in a while, someone may try to cheat the system by either pretending to be a crew member or attempting to post a fake recommendation, so we thought it would be helpful to share our approach, our policies, and the actions we take to identify, block, and remove fraudulent identities / recommendations. Here's what we believe.

We believe that some of the best, most original and bespoke travel advice comes from those who travel for a living – professional crew. 

Constantly visiting different, exciting destinations around the world, professional crew quickly become experts on the latest, greatest and most fun things to do, places to eat, shops to bargain hunt, sights to visit, events to attend in cities across the globe. WhatCrewDo® has created a bespoke directory packed full of these recommendations and experiences, curated by the most travelled people on the planet !

We believe in "the right to write."

The WhatCrewDo® community has a wealth of valuable global travel experience, which they kindly share ( & continually refresh ) via our site.

We believe that experience counts, but unlike other more conventional travel websites, we want WhatCrewDo® to be about positive experiences and genuine recommendations. That’s why each post on our site is a “recommendation” not a “review”. Professional crew travel frequently and extensively. Each trip undoubtedly has it’s “ups’ and “downs” - WhatCrewDo® aims to harness the “ups” – thereby minimising future “downs’ for fellow users. This positivity & authenticity is what WhatCrewDo® stands for.

We do not take lightly the decision to deny or remove a post from our site. But in order to maintain the integrity at the heart of our site, recommendations posted by non professional crew members or posts that trash or bash a particular establishment will be denied or removed.

In keeping with this philosophy, we do require that users making recommendations certify that they are genuine professional crew members. (non crew can sign in and use the bespoke recommendations to plan their own exciting trips)

We believe that everyone should play by the same rules. Businesses are not able to influence recommendations on the site 

We have unique processes for moderating the content submitted to WhatCrewDo®. The highest number of unique recommendations for each place/Activity/ gains it top ranking for that activity.  

Businesses know that consumers rely heavily on reviews when making travel and Activity decisions. On other travel/Activity websites, some unscrupulous businesses do try to cheat in order to attract more customers. ( by recommending their own business or finding others to do so on their behalf or negatively reviewing their competitors.) These activities constitute fraud. Because WhatCrewDo® recommendations come exclusively from bone fide crew members, we hope that any fraudulent activity will be eradicated.

Posting fake recommendations and / or fraudulently claiming to be a crew members violates the WhatCrewDo®  Terms of Use, as well as unfair competition and/or consumer protection laws in many countries. We invest time, effort and money into identifying and blocking fraudulent activity on our site.


How WhatCrewDo® identifies and blocks fraud;

• We have extensive experience of what professional crew do, how they behave, where they go, how they speak etc. We've therefore become experts at spotting fake crew and recommendations

• We run recommendations through automatic filters to identify moderation or integrity issues prior to publication. 

• We have a staff working to manage content and to identify, block and remove fraud.

• Once recommendations are published, we allow business owners and community members to flag content for our review if they believe it is fraudulent. All reports from our community and users are reviewed and analysed by our team of content specialists.  .

• We block or remove the fake recommendation (but not necessarily the business, if other recommendations for it are found to be genuine.)