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WhatCrewDo Pick: posted by Tom Dalton,Pilot

About Us

After years of travelling the globe as airline cabin crew, then as a long haul pilot, the idea for WhatCrewDo® was(air…) born.


Professional crew spend many days and nights each month in different destinations around the world. They therefore quickly become experts on the latest, greatest and most fun things to do, places to eat, shop, to bargain hunt, sights to visit, events to attend etc

WhatCrewDo® harnesses all of this insider knowledge with a super-useful guide to getting the most out each and every trip. It is written by crew, for crew.
A wonderful group of gorgeous, glamorous, globe-trotting crew have kindly helped us kick off WhatCrewDo® by sharing their top world-wide (and world-wise) travel recommendations. The vision is that many more crew members from around the world will contribute their own personally recommended activities, in their favourite global locations.


WhatCrewDo® is not designed to be a forum for trashing or bashing anything or anyone. Recommendations are personal, positive experiences.


As a Crew Member you'll be able to easily contribute to this elite directory of top worldwide recommendations. Whilst also benefiting from recommendations from the vast travel experience of other crew members. 

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As a non crew member (‘Voyager’) you’ll be able to enjoy the WhatCrewDo®  personal recommendations, Activate “I’m in Town” and see (live) which of your WhatCrewDo® Friends are too ! Activate “I will be in Town” and be notified which of your WhatCrewDo® Friends will be there too. Create WhatCrewDo® Friends Groups. Be alerted when your favourite WhatCrewDo® contributors make a new recommendation. 


Crew Recommendations are personal views and should not be deemed to be those of any Airline, Cruise Line or Organisation.